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MARC records

MARC records for IET and SciTech eBook collections are to download.

Each zip file contains a MARC record (.mrc) and a TEXT file (.txt).

Please email us if the MARC records you require are not listed below.

Please note: The 2024 MARC files will be updated as the books are published on IET Digital Library.

All IET/SciTech eBooksZip file name
eBooks: All Books (Updated 15 April 2024, 873 records)

Front Lists
eBooks: IET Front list 2024 (IET+SciTech) (Updated 15 April 2024, 02 records)
eBooks: IET Front list 2023 (IET+SciTech) (Updated 15 February 2024, 55 records)

Back Lists
eBooks: IET 6 Year Recent Backlist (2019-2024) (Updated 15 April 2024, 315 records)
eBooks: IET 6 Year Recent Backlist (2018-2023) (Updated 15 February 2024, 363 records)
eBooks: IET 5 Year Backlist (2019-2023) (Updated 15 February 2024, 313 records)
Ultimate Collections
eBooks: IET Ultimate eBook Collection (1979-2023) (Updated 15 February 2024, 871 records)
Downloadable MARC records
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