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Professor Christopher James
University of Warwick

Professor James leads the Warwick Engineering in Biomedicine theme at the University of Warwick, which brings together the diverse biomedical engineering research happening at the School of Engineering. His research activity centres on the development of biomedical signal and pattern processing techniques, as well as the use of technological innovations, for use in advancing healthcare and promoting wellbeing. Primarily his interest lies in the field of Neural Engineering and in behaviour monitoring through unobtrusive measurements.

Associate Editors

Panos_Bamidis Panos Bamidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Areas of expertise: medical informatics
Refael Barkan
Holon Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise: ICT platforms for detection and intervention (neurocognitive training) in early stages of dementia, medical informatics, medical data mining and process mining, clinical decision support tools and telemedicine
Dusanka Boskovic
University of Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Areas of expertise: biomedical signal processing, decision support and exploratory data analysis
Gari Clifford Gari Clifford
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, &
Emory University School of Medicine, USA

Areas of expertise: biomedical instrumentation, biomedical signal processing, circadian rhythms, critical care, machine learning, low-resource healthcare, mHealth and sleep
Disha Gupta Disha Gupta
New York University
James Harte James Harte
DGS Diagnostics

Areas of expertise: nonlinear, non-stationary and biomedical signal processing and system identification; objective physiological correlates for normal and impaired hearing
Hadas Lewy Hadas Lewy
Clalit Health Services and Holon Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise: telemedicine; research and development of technologies that can be easily integrated into healthcare services and products that are compatible with the workflow and needs of healthcare systems; non-invasive medical devices; the analytics, development and implementation of telehealth treatment models
Cristian Linte Cristian Linte
Rochester Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise: the development, evaluation and pre-clinical integration of image guidance techniques for surgical navigation of minimally invasive cardiac interventions
M. Sabarimalai Manikandan M. Sabarimalai Manikandan
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

Areas of Interest: Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis; Wearable Health and Wellness Monitoring Devices, IoT and AI based Health Intelligence Networks; Biometric and Emotion Recognition; Biomedical Circuits and Systems
Esteban Pino Esteban Pino
Universidad de Concepción

Areas of expertise: Biomedical signal processing, unobtrusive monitoring, biomedical instrumentation, ambient sensors and mHealth
Richard Reilly Richard Reilly
Trinity College Dublin

Areas of expertise: high density electrophysiologcal and neuroimaging based analysis of sensory and cognitive processing, and analysis of data acquired from implanted electrodes
Laura Roa Laura Roa Romero
University of Seville

Areas of expertise: mathematical models for complex physiological systems, the design of intelligent algorithms for clinical applications, dosing therapies for burn and renal patients using optimal control techniques, and information technologies and communications applied to telemedicine, homecare technologies and acessibility for elderly and disabled people.
Shouyan Wang Shouyan Wang
Fudan University
PR China
Suogang Wang Suogang Wang
Tianjin Medical University
PR China
Ziv Yaniv Ziv Yaniv
US National Institutes of Health
TAJ Technologies Inc.

Areas of expertise: image-guided interventions, medical image analysis, computer vision, and software engineering

Editorial Board Members

Daniel Abasolo Daniel Abásolo
University of Surrey

Areas of expertise: biomedical signal processing, non-linear analysis, electroencephalogram, magnetoencephalogram, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, sleep apnoea, intracranial pressure signals
Ajay Agarwal Ajay Agarwal

Areas of expertise: development of Micro-, Nano-technologies, MEMS and semiconductor processes for various applications
Pablo Aqueveque Pablo Aqueveque N.
University of Concepcion
Emma Braithwaite Emma Braithwaite

Areas of expertise: cardio-respiratory, sleep apnoea and intensive care medicine, pattern recognition and early warning systems
Paulo Lisboa Paulo Lisboa
Liverpool John Moores University

Areas of expertise: pattern recognition methods for decision support and exploratory data analysis to medicine, business and engineering; survival modelling following tumour excision; brain tumour grading.
Miguel Cadena-Méndez Miguel Cadena-Méndez
Autonomous Metropolitan University Campus Iztapalapa

Areas of expertise: design of instrumentation for the study of metabolism and hemodialysis systems; algorithms for biomedical signal processing
Lixu Gu Lixu Gu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
PR China

Areas of expertise: pattern recognition; computer vision; medical image processing; computer graphics; virtual reality; image guided surgery and therapy
Nigel Lovell Nigel Lovell
University of New South Wales

Areas of expertise: biomedical instrumentation, biological signal processing, neurophysiology and physiological modelling.
Javier Reina-Tosina
University of Seville
Wenjin Wang Wenjin Wang
Philips Research

Areas of expertise: Camera based health monitoring, Contactless monitoring, Vital signs monitoring, Physiological measurement, Biomedical sensing, Computer vision, Image processing, Signal processing, Machine learning, Pattern recognition
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