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Editor-in-chief and Founding Editor

Richard Kitney

Professor Richard Kitney
Imperial College London

Professor Kitney is Professor of Biomedical Systems Engineering; Chairman of the Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology; Co-Director and Co-Founder of the Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation, and Co-Director of SynbiCITE, the UK’s National Centre for the Commercialisation of Synthetic Biology. He has published over 300 papers in the fields of synthetic biology, mathematical modelling, biomedical information systems, and medical imaging and has worked extensively in and with industry.


Chueh Loo Poh

Dr Chueh Loo Poh
National University of Singapore

Dr. Chueh Loo Poh is an Associate Professor with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. His current research interests in Synthetic Biology include development of synthetic genetic circuits for biocomputing, development of model-driven BioCAD tools, and engineering of microbes for medical and industrial applications.

Editorial Board

Jake Beal Jake Beal
BBN Technologies

Areas of expertise: foundational mathematics and principles for engineering biology, design tools and automation, biological information processing, precision modelling and design of biological organisms, standards for biological measurement and data exchange
Matthew Chang Matthew Chang
National University of Singapore

Areas of expertise: engineering biology, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, microbiome engineering
George Guo-Qiang Chen George Guo-Qiang Chen
Tsinghua University
PR China

Areas of expertise: microbial physiology, microbial polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) production and applications
King-Lau Chow King-Lau Chow
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong

Areas of expertise: molecular genetics, neural development, synthetic and evolutionary biology
Lionel Clarke Lionel Clarke

Areas of expertise: cleaner transport fuels, biofuels
John Collins John Collins
Imperial College London

Areas of expertise: manufacturing, commercialisation, marketing and communications, technology foresight and strategy
Victor de Lorenzo Victor de Lorenzo
Centro Nacional de Biotecnología

Areas of expertise: molecular biology and biotechnology of soil bacteria as agents for the decontamination of sites damaged by industrial waste
Alistair Elfick Alistair Elfick
The University of Edinburgh

Areas of expertise: synthetic biological engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering
Drew Endy Drew Endy
Stanford University

Areas of expertise: genetically encoded computers and the redesign of genomes
Jean-Loup Faulon Jean-Loup Faulon
University of Evry

Areas of expertise: systems biology, synthetic biology metabolic engineering
Paul Freemont Paul Freemont
Imperial College London

Areas of expertise: understanding the molecular mechanisms of human diseases, development of synthetic biology platform technologies and biosensors
Jennifer Hallinin
Griffith University

Mike Jewett Mike Jewett
Northwestern University

Areas of expertise: cell-free biology as an enabling technology for biomanufacturing lifesaving therapeutics, sustainable chemicals, and novel materials
Richard Johnson Richard Johnson
Global Helix LLC

Areas of expertise:the intersection of policy, business, law, and international affairs with synthetic biology
Gyoo Yeol Jung

Areas of expertise: RNA-based synthetic biology, metabolic engineering of bio-based chemical production
Sierin LimSierin Lim
Nanyang Technological University

Areas of expertise: design and engineering of hybrid nano/microscale devices from biological parts by utilizing protein engineering as a tool for applications in medicine (therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccine), energy, cosmetics, and food
Chris Myers Chris Myers
University of Utah

Areas of expertise: computational side of synthetic biology and standards for synthetic biology. Asynchronous circuit design, formal verification of analog/mixed signal circuits and cyber-physical systems, and modeling, analysis, and design of genetic circuits
May Win Naing May Win Naing
A*Star SIMTech

Areas of expertise: scale-up manufacturing of biological products such as tissue scaffolds and cell therapies for applications in regenerative medicine, toxicity testing and consumer products
Sakkie Pretorius Sakkie Pretorius
Macquarie University

Areas of expertise: molecular microbiology, synthetic biology and biotechnology, and the translation of research outcomes to industry. Main research focus: synthetic yeast genomics
Yew Wen Shan Yew Wen Shan
National University of Singapore

Areas of expertise: synthetic biology, synthetic enzymology, protein engineering, drug design and therapeutics development. The interface between enzymology, biological chemistry and synthetic biology, “synthetic enzymology”.
Elizabeth Ratcliffe Elizabeth Ratcliffe
Loughborough University

Areas of expertise: regenerative medicine, gene therapy, antimicrobial resistance and alternative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies
John Hugh Snyder John Hugh Snyder
National Institute of Biological Sciences
PR China

Areas of expertise: a background in plant biochemistry, now a liaison for SynBioBeta in China and the director of the Scientific Writing Center at NIBS in Beijing
Hao Song Hao Song
Tianjin University
PR China

Areas of expertise: synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, microbial electrosynthesis and microbial/enzymatic fuel cells, microbial ecosystems, and microbes-materials interfaces
Guy Stan Guy-Bart Stan
Imperial College London

Areas of expertise: The study of core engineering design principles of biological systems and the development of new systems and control engineering methods for the analysis, design and robust optimal control of biological systems, and the experimental realisation of synthetic biology systems in living organisms such as E. coli and yeast cells with a view to their applications for biotechnology, biosynthesis, advanced cell-based medicine, and healthcare.
Joyce Tait Joyce Tait
The University of Edinburgh

Areas of expertise: an interdisciplinary background in natural and social sciences, covering agrochemical, pharmaceutical and life science industry sectors, focusing on: strategic planning for innovation; governance, risk management and regulation; and stakeholder attitudes and influences
Anil Wipat Anil Wipat
Newcastle University

Areas of expertise: synthetic biology and bioinformatics, with a current focus on the integration and analysis of large and complex datasets for informing the design of engineered biological systems
Adison Wong Adison Wong
Singapore Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise: automation, bioprocess engineering, genetic circuits, microbiome engineering
Jie Zheng Jie Zheng
ShanghaiTech University
PR China

Areas of expertise: computational systems biology, systems dynamic modeling of cell, cell fate engineering, cancer and stem cell biology, biological data mining, machine learning algorithms
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