Article Types

Engineering Biology will publish a range of article types from all stages of the design cycle including:

  •  Original Research Papers
    Full-length research papers on platform technology and techniques.
  • Application Projects
    Papers that show the development of a particular project area, for example, the development of a particular type of biosensor for the detection of MRSA.
  •  New Industrial Processes
    Papers that describe the development of new industrial processes that will replace existing industrial processes.
  • New Scaling Processes
    Papers that describe how to take processes which have been developed in the laboratory and scale them for industrial applications.
  • Technical Standards
    Papers describing new technical standards being developed for synthetic biology such as SBOL and DICOM-SB.

Engineering Biology will also publish occasional articles of the following types by invitation only:

  • Review articles
  • Policy and Opinion Articles
  • Economic Overviews and Market Developments
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