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Librarians help

If you are a librarian or an administrator then you have access to the Administration Area for the IET Digital Library where you can:

  • Update your institutional profile
  • Manage your institutional logo
  • View your IP addresses
  • Manage your link resolvers
  • View your current subscriptions
  • Download your usage statistics
  • Download MARC records

1. Getting Started

You need to be logged in as an Institutional Administrator to access the Administration page for the IET Digital Library. To log in, you can point your web browser to or simply follow the link below:

Log into administration area

If you have not already received your username and password to access the Administration area, please contact us.

The following authentication options are supported by the IET Digital Library:

  • IP address
  • Proxy server
  • Username / password (for personal subscribers only)
  • Referring URL

For IP Address authenticated customers, your institution name will automatically be shown on the site so that your users are aware that access has been provided for them.

Please refer to our Authentication page for further information.

2. Updating your Institutional Profile

The 'Update Institutional Profile' area enables you to update:

  • Your postal address
  • Administrator name and email address
  • Change your administration password

To access this area click on 'Update Institutional Profile' under Profile Management.

The details on the page can be over typed to the appropriate ones and the Update button selected once complete.

3. Manage Institutional Logo

This allows you to upload a logo for your institution. Your logo will then appear in the top right hand corner of the page and will appear on all pages of the site.

For optimal display, your logo image should be no larger than:

  • 90 px (width)
  • 170 px (height)

The most common file formats are supported, including gif, jpeg and png.

To add your Institutional Logo:

  1. Enter the Alt Text for the Logo (e.g. institution_name.gif) in the box marked Alt Text for Logo
  2. Enter the URL of the logo in the appropriate box
  3. Search for Logo File using the Browse button and upload it

If you have any problems in adding your Institutional Logo to the site, please contact us.

4. Viewing IP Addresses

You can view the IP Addresses that are registered for your organisation's subscriptions by going to 'View IP Addresses'. If you would like to add, remove or replace any of your registered IP Addresses, please contact us.

5. Manage link resolvers

The Administration Area allows you to configure your Link Resolver. Once this is configured, users will see links to your institution's link resolver when accessing references within the content.

Instructions for the Administrator:

  1. Enter the URL for your link resolver 'Link Server URL' box
  2. Enter the text you want your users to see when accessing references in the 'Link Server Description' box, for example 'find it @ Rocky Mountain'
  3. Select the version of OpenURL you use. The versions are 0.1 or 1.0. The default is Version 0.1
  4. Select the transport method. The methods are 'By-Value' or 'Inline' The default is 'By-Value'
  5. 'Send requestor email address' can only be used with version 1.0. If this box is ticked the outbound link will contain the e-mail address of the identity as the requester ID. This is optional.

If you have any problems in setting up your link resolver, please contact us.

6. Current Subscriptions

This allows the administrator to see a list of their subscribed titles.

7. Download MARC records

This provides a link to download the MARC 21 records for the IET eBooks. Please refer to our Download MARC records page for further information.

8. Usage statistics

The following COUNTER reports are available via the Administration Area:

  • Journal Report 1: Number of successful full-text article requests by month and journal
  • Book Report 1: Number of successful requests by month and title
  • Book Report 2: Number of successful section requests by month and title

9. Contact details

If you are having a technical problem with your access or have any questions regarding the IET Digital Library, please do not hesitate to contact us:

IET Digital Library
Institution of Engineering and Technology
Futures Place
Kings Way

Via Email: [email protected]
Via Phone: +44 (0)1438 313311

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