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Accessing the IET Digital Library

Anyone can search and browse for free but you will need a valid subscription in order to download full text articles, unless they are free or Open Access.

You have a number of options available in the IET Digital Library for accessing your subscribed content:

  • IP address
  • Proxy server
  • Username / password (for personal subscribers only)
  • Referring URL

IP authentication

IP authentication allows authorised users to access IET Digital Library content via designated IP address(es).

Proxy server

The IET Digital Library also supports IP addresses for the institution's proxy server as a means to authenticate users.

Username and password authentication

The IET Digital Library uses the IET's single sign-on system so that, once you are registered, you will be able to enjoy the IET's family of websites using the same username and password.

If you are a personal subscriber, please use your IET username and password to which your subscription is assigned. Once you are logged in, the IET Digital Library will authenticate you so that you will be able to access the subscribed content.

Referring URL authentication

Referring URL offers institutions a means to provide access to their users when IP authentication is not possible.

It works by identifying the users by their originating URL (i.e. the page from which the user came), and only those users who are accessing IET Digital Library from an approved URL will be authenticated.

To set up the referring URL, the institution must provide access to the IET Digital Library from a secure page that only the institution's authorised users can access.

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