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Mechanical engineering - Fluid mechanics and fluid dynamics

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  • 2018 10 [69] 201810
  • 2018 11 [8] 201811
  • 2018 2 [1] 20182
  • Fatigue crack fault diagnosis and prognosis based on hidden semi-Markov model
  • Constitutive model of shape memory alloy under the effect of martensite plasticity for finite-element applications
  • Comparison of the passive and active control gust alleviation of a flying-wing aircraft
  • Aerodynamic drag reduction in a vehicle based on efficient global optimisation
  • Mixing characteristic of both subsonic and supersonic unsteady circular jets
  • Research on modelling of piezoelectric micro-positioning stage based on PI hysteresis model
  • Study on droplet behaviour in the gas–liquid coupled fan flow field
  • Gravity and inertial load adaptive control of wall-climbing robot
  • Leakage fault diagnosis method of aircraft landing gear hydraulic cylinder based on wavelet packet
  • Research on variable pressure characteristics of step variable hydraulic hybrid system based on cartridge value group
  • Modeling and co-simulation based on Adams and AMESim of pivot steering system
  • Research on position inverse solution of electric-driven Stewart platform based on Simulink
  • Design of removable vending machine and research on the key implementation technology
  • Gas–liquid flow field analysis of the compressor vorticity and rotational speed based on NASA Stage 36
  • Relationship between the engaging force of planetary gear train and the position-correlated modal properties
  • Mesh stiffness calculation of helical gears with profile modification
  • Investigation of the crosswind effect on the performance of the atmospheric air purification tower
  • Research on the planar-coil linear time grating
  • New structure of pneumatic networks actuators for soft robotics
  • Study on dynamic characteristics analysis of CNC pipe thread lathe based on the energy of modal effective mass
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