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Electrical and electronic engineering - Control engineering and robotics

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  • Direct instantaneous torque control for switched reluctance machines considering mutual coupling
  • DC protection for a multi-terminal HVDC network including offshore wind power, featuring a reduced DC circuit breaker count
  • Experimental results from a Thomson-coil actuator for a vacuum interrupter in an HVDC breaker
  • High-frequency current source converter for a direct drive powertrain in a wave energy converter
  • Fluid flow measurement in rotor ventilation ducts
  • Influence of stator and rotor geometric parameters on rotor bar current waveform and performance of IMs
  • Modelling and control of the roll-stabilised control unit of a rotary steerable system directional drilling tool
  • High-voltage switch-mode assisted linear amplifier based voltage source for dielectric low frequency-domain spectroscopy measurements
  • Effects of phase leg reactor, submodule capacitor, number of submodules and switching frequency on harmonics in modular multilevel converters
  • Three-phase fixed-frequency interleaved (LC)(L)-type series-resonant converter with a capacitive output filter
  • Study on high voltage ride through control strategy of PMSG-based wind turbine generation system with SCESU
  • Battery energy management strategies for UK firm frequency response services and energy arbitrage
  • Electronic power steering system – A mechatronic model for simulative analysis of power consumption
  • Optimisation of hybrid energy systems for maritime vessels
  • Investigation of stator slot/rotor pole combination of flux reversal permanent magnet machine with consequent-pole PM structure
  • Space modulation profile modelling for steer-by-wire SMPMSM
  • Feasibility study: investigation of car park-based V2G services in the UK central hub
  • Proposal of a compact magnetically levitated transverse flux permanent magnet linear synchronous motor as a 6-DOF transport carrier
  • Mass reduction of superconducting power generators for large wind turbines
  • Research on a novel drive unit of fast mechanical switch with modular double capacitors
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