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Computing and software - Processor and system architectures

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  • Comparison of damping techniques for the soft-stop of ultra-fast linear actuators for HVDC breaker applications
  • Use of automated electric drives for limiting dynamic loads in shaft lines of roll mill stands
  • T-S modelling-based anti-disturbance finite-time control with input saturation
  • Non-singular terminal sliding mode adaptive control of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on a disturbance observer
  • Decentralised controller design for a class of interconnected systems
  • Affine transformation-based no-beacon circular formation of agents
  • Fuzzy frequency-selecting sliding mode controller for LLC resonant converter
  • Integrated structure and precision control of flat voice coil actuator for non-contact satellite
  • GPI observer-based composite current-constrained control approach for DC–DC buck converters
  • Non-linear extended state observer-based sliding mode control for a direct-driven wind energy conversion system with permanent magnet synchronous generator
  • Fault-tolerant consensus control of second-order multi-agent system based on sliding mode control theory
  • Design of intelligent control system for networkable stereo garage based on microprocessor
  • Research on SOC fuzzy weighted algorithm based on GA-BP neural network and ampere integral method
  • Accuracy improvement of positioning data in greenhouse for agricultural machinery via optimisation algorithm
  • Adaptive control of non-affine MIMO systems with input non-linearity and unmodelled dynamics
  • Adaptive robust SMC of hybrid robot for automobile electro-coating conveying
  • Gentle Adaboost algorithm based on multi-feature fusion for face detection
  • Application of static gesture segmentation based on an improved canny operator
  • Detection of cabinet in equipment floor based on AlexNet and SSD model
  • Method of detecting pipeline leakage location based on multiresolution analysis
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