Students' Quarterly Journal

Volume 39, Issue 155, March 1969

Volume 39, Issue 155

March 1969

Section Notes “against”
The Editor's notebook
Alternative routing techniques for switched communications networks
The Stockholm underground railway
The crossword
Getting started in fluid logic
Around the Sections
Distribution and utilization of electrical power at Rutherford Laboratory
The Silvanus P. Thompson lecturers 1968/69
Skin and proximity effects in heavy-current conductors
Some chestnuts conquered
Section Notes “for”
Section Notes “for” and recruitment
Principles of Automatic Control
Theory of Waveguide and Cavity Resonators
Physical Electronics
Semi-Conductors. Volume 3. Non-Linear Circuits
Textbook of Electrical Installation Work. Volume 2
Fuel Cells (Theory and Application)
Differential Equations
Introduction to Electronics
Outline of Linear Circuits and Systems, Part I
Introduction to Control Theory for Engineers
Structure and Properties of Solids
Outline of Electronic Circuit Analysis

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