Students' Quarterly Journal

Volume 23, Issue 91, March 1953

Volume 23, Issue 91

March 1953

The Editor's notebook
Electrification in the weaving and finishing industries
Photographic glass disc recording
Power supplies for railway signalling installations
Increased slide rule accuracy for numbers near unity
Variety in engineering
Elementary Engineering Science
Direct Current Machines for Control Systems
D.C. Power Systems for Aircraft
Textbook on Sound
Antennas: Theory and Practice
Electricity Meters and Instrument Transformers
Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lighting
The Physical Principles of Thermodynamics
Worked Examples for Advanced Electrical Students
Methods of Electrical Measurements
Thermionic Vacuum Tubes
Electrical Engineering (Theory and Practice)
Fundamentals of Radio Communications
Around the Sections
Some methods of investigating surge phenomena
Glass bulbs by the million

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