Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 126, Issue 8, August 1979

Volume 126, Issue 8

August 1979

Phase-nulling telemetry system incorporating a remote passive transponder
Performance of several digital communication systems
Issues in packet voice communication
Choice of parameters in the hybrid permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Circle diagram for d.c. dynamic braking of linear induction motors
Aspects of induction and synchronous motor analysis using dynamic phase co-ordinate theory
Model of generator saturation for use in power-system studies
Calculation of electrical transients in power systems: untransposed transmission line with frequency-dependent parameters
Slope reactance effects in single-phase saturated reactors
Optimisation of earthing grids
Parametric oscillatory motion in electromechanical devices
Pole assignment self-tuning regulator
Asymptotic root loci for proper multivariable systems
Bounds for the zeros of partially symmetric multivariable systems

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