Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 126, Issue 7, July 1979

Volume 126, Issue 7

July 1979

Threshold extension in weighted p.c.m. for communicatior over channels disturbed by implusive noise
New approximate method for computing the radiation properties of reflector antennas: application to cylindrical reflector antennas
Rapid method of forming spectra from regularly sampled records by rectangular wave transforms
Aluminium-alloy conductors for a.c. traction overhead equipment
Quality and performance of discharge lamp control gear
Finite-element analysis of linear induction machines
Brushless d.c. drives using claw-type stator and disc rotor
Permanent-magnet a.c. generators
Solution of the stochastic optimal control problem in the s-domain for systems with time delay
Teaching and research requirements of microprocessor development equipment
Effect on dielectric loss of microdroplets of water in low-loss polyethylene used in the transatlantic cable TAT6

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