Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 126, Issue 5, May 1979

Volume 126, Issue 5

May 1979

Depletion-region width of p-n junction under high forward-bias conditions
Error probabilities for Viterbi decoders with correlated noise
Computer-aided design of thyristor circuits: the sparse-network tableau approach
Arc-back current in convertor systems: theory and experiment
Current-zero disconnection of induction motors
Agile computer control of a turboalternator
Computation of torque and current in doubly salient reluctance motors from nonlinear magnetisation data
Computation of impulse-voltage stresses in transformer windings
Measurement of sequence impedances of a transformer
Nonlinear single-variable optimisation studies of a.c. turbogenerator performance
Prediction of torsional oscillations in turbogenerator units connected to series compensated transmission systems
Steady-state analysis of an induction motor fed from a current-source inverter using complex-state (Park's) vector
Electrical interference in pulsed-power technology
Development of pumped storage in a power system
Load-controller design for a regulating coal-fired unit
Quasi-interpolar effect of armature banding in a d.c. machine
Erratum: Subharmonic resonance in stepping motors
Synthesis of optimal block controllers for multivariable control systems and its inverse optimal-control problem
2nd-order Volterra kernel measurement using pseudorandom ternary signals and discrete Fourier transforms
Simple method for the design of single-input optimum regulators and servomechanisms
Influence of humidity on the sparkover of rod-rod gaps of several geometrical forms subjected to positive impulse voltages of varying waveshapes
Dynamic demagnetisation of relatively large ferromagnetic bodies

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