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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 126, Issue 10, October 1979

Volume 126, Issue 10

October 1979

Inverse scattering theory and profile reconstruction
Ice-crystal depolarisation on satellite—earth microwave radio paths
Simplified algorithm for correcting both errors and erasures of Reed-Solomon codes
Synthetic test methods of high-direct-current circuit breaker
The truth about airgap leakage reactance in polyphase squirrel-cage induction motors
Transient performance of linear induction machines following reconnection of supply
Nonlinear stabiliser design applied to microalternator system
New type of test for connectors to be used on aluminium conductors
Generalised polyphase fault-analysis program: calculation of cross-country fault
Continuous alternating-voltage resulation using a thyristor bridge
Optimal output feedback by gradient methods with optimal stepsize adjustment
Electromagnetic control of flexible transmission shaft vibrations
Diagonal dominance and the method of pseudodiagonalisation
Identification of factorable Volterra systems

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