Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 125, Issue 7, July 1978

Volume 125, Issue 7

July 1978

Simple null-steering antenna for frequency-agile radars
Possibility of automatically acquiring the optimal adjusting step in adaptive equalisers
Spurious radiation from microstrip
Application of power transistors to polyphase regenerative power convertors
20th Hunter Memorial Lecture. Microelectronics and the power engineer
Theories of linear induction motors with completely filled and half filled endslots
General theory of induction machines with unlaminated secondary and constant-current excitation
Asymmetrical fault analysis using the bus impedance matrix
Electronic-firing system for machines with thyristor-assisted commutation
Gust-alleviation control systems for aircraft
Image registration using the likelihood ratio
Identification of a class of nonlinear systems using correlation analysis
Numerical determination of a performance index for improved system response
Analytic applications of tsypkin's method relay with hysteresis and dead zone
Calculation of eddy currents by dual energy methods
Radiation pressure
Effect of pollution on the breakdown voltage of air

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