Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 125, Issue 3, March 1978

Volume 125, Issue 3

March 1978

Application of forward-error correction to a Rayleigh fading h.f. communication channel
Antenna near-field/far-field transformation using a plane-wave-synthesis technique
Electronic scanning antenna using a nonuniformly-spaced planar array
Response of an a.m. receiver to a quasisynchronous multi-a.m.-transmitter field
Class of precise oscillators that generate prescribed waveforms
Prediction of load characteristics of turbogenerators
Hybrid permanent-magnet synchronous motors
Segmental-rotor linear reluctance motors with large airgaps
Minicomputer online control of d.c. link convertors
Developments in techniques for simulating faults in e.h.v. transmission systems
Performance and testing of multi-unit circuit breakers switching low inductive currents
Digital excitation control of a.c. turbogenerators using a dedicated microprocessor
Stability analysis via the extended matrix sign function
Digital computation of frequency response
Digital firing-angle circuit for thyristor motor controllers
Use of case studies to support an electrical engineering laboratory course
Arc-cathode craters on copper at high currents and with reduced gas pressures
Arc discharge between thermally overloaded slot-channel walls
Effects of stacking methods on epstein-square power-loss measurements

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