Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 125, Issue 2, February 1978

Volume 125, Issue 2

February 1978

Investigation of attenuation by rainfall at 60 GHz
Rapid estimation of spectra from irregularly sampled records
An efficient minimum-distance decoding algorithm for convolutional error-correcting codes
Improvement on Varshamov-Gilbert lower bound on minimum Hamming distance of linear codes
Relationship between modal matrix and state transformation matrices for 2-element-kind networks
Fully controlled regenerative bridges with half-controlled characteristics
Variable-speed inverter-fed synchronous motor employing natural commutation
Slew-region instability of permanent-magnet stepmotors
Sensed reconnection of induction-motor supplies
The modern transient network analyser and its role in analysis and design of electrical systems
Transient security assessment methods
Convertor control with selective reduction of line harmonics
New power convertor technique employing power transistors
Distribution system voltage studies using simulation techniques
Performance and stability of a magnetic suspension device using a tuned LCR circuit
Speech output from a computer-controlled water-supply network
Influence of superimposed direct voltage on the a.c. dielectric properties of some dielectrics
Influence of stress on rotational loss in silicon iron
Experience at Edmonton (GLC) of generating electricity using refuse as fuel

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