Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 125, Issue 10, October 1978

Volume 125, Issue 10

October 1978

Radar target imaging by rotation about two axes
Digital-filtering facility for computer processing
Theory of the circular-disc printed-circuit antenna
Modes of propagation in cylindrical waveguides with anisotropic walls
Radiation properties of microwave reflector antennas covered with a water film
Noise reduction in optical measurement systems
Transient stability region of synchronous generator with saturable exciter
Influence of winding design on the axial flux in laminated-stator cores
New 2-speed induction motors
Tubular-axle induction motors for railway traction
42nd parsons memorial lecture. Power generation in the future
Diffusion of moisture through power-transformer insulation
Current distribution and leakage impedance of various types of foil-wound transformers
Implementation of nonhomogeneous theory in the transient analysis of crossbonded cable systems
Transient phenomena in crossbonded cable systems: analytical results
New approach to design of iron-cored inductances carrying direct current
Practical implementation on a 5 kVA synchronous generator of an adaptive excitation controller strategy for a wide range of operating conditions
Discrete control of an a.c. turbogenerator by output feedback
Optimised control of water distribution systems
Control of resonant vibration in a spring-fatigue-testing instrument
Theory of separable processes with applications to the identification of nonlinear systems
Routh-approximant time-domain reduced-order models for single-input single-output systems
Analysis and synthesis of dynamic systems containing time delays via block-pulse functions
Distribution of electrons and ions in a corona discharge

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