Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 125, Issue 1, January 1978

Volume 125, Issue 1

January 1978

Inaugural address. The twin pillars of engineering
IEE Electronics Division: Chairman's address. Quality and reliability in a telecommunications system
Inductive detection of buried services
Measurement of the elevation angles of arrival of multicomponent h.f. skywaves
Dynamic ratio quantiser
Impedance characteristics of transverse slots in the ground plane of a stripline
IEE Power Division: Chairman's address. Power-station construction in the UK: which way for the future?
Generalised computational method for reliability analysis of electric power installations
A.C.-d.c. load flows with realistic representation of the convertor plant
Multiplexed controls on underground trains
Correspondence: New approach to analysis of polarised mho relays under close-up-fault conditions
Correspondence: Investigations on operation of fully-controlled thyristor convertors
Correspondence: Shorting-coil modulators
IEE Control & Automation Division: Chairman's address. Control and operation of the UK electricity supply system: an account of its development
Exact model matching of linear time-varying systems
Summanry. Novel electro-optical alignment technique
Determination of the sinusoidal and dual-input describing functions for a class of single-and double-valued nonlinearities
IEE Science, Education & Management Division: Chairman's address. The growth of electronics and its implications for education
Initiation of arc cathode emission in Cu2O films

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