Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 124, Issue 9, September 1977

Volume 124, Issue 9

September 1977

Subjective effects of d.p.c.m. errors and predictor leak on visual telephone pictures
State-space thyristor computer model
Multiport network analysis by matrix renormalisation: extension to four ports
Active RC filters with zero Q-sensitivity
Near-Field measurements over experimental modified goubau line
Interactive design of electricity networks using spare-capacity reinforcement algorithms
Future of incandescent and tungsten-halogen lamps
Some characteristics of the single-phase travelling-wave machine
Design criteria for pole-changing windings
Thyristor and diode controlled variable voltage drives for 3-phase induction motors
Theory and performance of solid-rotor induction and hysteresis machines
Optimal and suboptimal control of dual-excited synchronous generators
Impulse-commutated thyristor chopper
Mutual impedance simulation network
Identification of periodic nonstationary antenna stabilisation control systems by crosscorrelation techniques
S-domain solution for the fixed end-point optimal-control problem
Frequency-domain dual-locus method for design of multivariable control systems
Suboptimal regulator-design method for improved system stability
Design of decentralised load-frequency regulators
Design of optimal machine-control systems
Time delay to firing of a triggered vacuum gap with barium titanate in trigger gap
Calibration of a reference capacitor using general-purpose precision instruments

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