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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 124, Issue 8, August 1977

Volume 124, Issue 8

August 1977

Design of minimum-phase finite-impulse-response digital filters
Cathode-ray-tube actuator in a noncontact analogue tachometer
Improved low-height antifading medium-wave antenna
Dynamic-stability analysis of synchronous machines including damper circuits, automatic voltage regulator and governor
Analytical method for estimating electromagnetic damping in a multistator stepping motor
Characterisation of a new machine with ferrite magnets by resolving the partial differential equation for the magnetic field
Damping and synchronising torques contributed by a voltage regulator to a synchronous generator: a quantitative assessment
Wide-range high-performance time-ratio current control
General-purpose model of power-system loads
Erratum: On-site investigation of electrohydraulic governors for water turbines
Erratum: Review of trends of large hydroelectric generating equipment
Control of a large linear system through system subdivision
Design of proportional-plus-derivative output feedback for pole assignment
Discrete stochastic control with input constraints
Use of pole-shifting technique for improving power-system transient-stability regions
Erratum: Mutual capacitance between coplanar strips between earthed planes

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