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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 124, Issue 2, February 1977

Volume 124, Issue 2

February 1977

Test-point condensation in the diagnosis of digital circuits
Mobile radio propagation in British cities at frequencies in the v.h.f. and u.h.f. bands
Signal transfer and degradation in surface-channel charge-coupled devices
Effects of field-dependent mobility on transfer efficiency in m.o.s. b.b.d. analogue delay lines
Amplitude fluctuation of underwater signals and its effect on the bit-error probability of underwater data-transmission systems
Analysis of fields and inductances in air-cored and iron-cored synchronous machines
Comparative design and performance analysis of air-cored and iron-cored synchronous machines
Laplace analysis and computer simulation of transient current in power transmission lines
Laplace analysis and computer simulation of transient current in power transmission lines Pt, 2-Polyphase systems with lossy earth return
Distance protection performance during simultaneous faults
On-site investigation of electrohydraulic governors for water turbines
Probabilistic techniques in a.c. load-flow analysis
Estimation of the states during refining in electric-arc-furnace steelmaking
Optimal return difference matrix
Improvement and prediction of open-loop starting/stopping rates of stepping motors
Effect of corona on the density of ionisation in a high–voltage laboratory
Computation of axial and radial development of discharges between plane parallel electrodes
Optical studies of prebreakdown events in liquid dielectrics
Unbalanced a.c. bridges for the measurement of dielectric loss

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