Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 124, Issue 12, December 1977

Volume 124, Issue 12

December 1977

Evaluation of beam-scanning dual-reflector antennas
Some resonance effects in scattering of microwaves by hydrometeors
Computer-program description. Computer-program system for evaluating partial and total antenna directivities from measured data. Computer-program description
Erratum: Self-excitation of dual-excited synchronous machines
Noise reduction in integrated Norton amplifiers
Combined effects of terrestrial diffraction and ionospheric reflection on medium-frequency sky wave propagation
Rectifier circuit performance: some new approximate formulas
Interference suppression by multi-interval integration in analogue-digital convertors
Differential coding of Pal video signals using intrafield prediction
High-speed regeneration of phase-shift keying signals using phase-script logic
Crossmodulation in ring modulators
Equivalent network of a variable-height post in a rectangular waveguide
Net coding gain of error-correcting codes
Net coding gain of error-correcting codes
Turbogenerator short circuits with delayed current zeros
Implementation of new approach to determination of synchronous-machine parameters from tests
Heating in transformer cores due to radial leakage flux. Part 2: Computed results
Three-dimensional theory of eddy-current couplings with copper-faced loss drums
Construction of Lyapunov function for power systems
Behaviour of contactors protected by fuses during short-circuit currents
Some new solutions to ferroresonance problem in power system
Theory of resistance commutation with particular reference to carbon-fibre brushes
Unifying approach to the static torque of stepping-motor structures
Comparison of nonlinear programming techniques for the optimal design of transformers
New form of inverter-fed synchronous motor with induced excitation
New form of inverter-fed synchronous motor with induced excitation
Some displays for computer-analysed speech
Linear proportional navigation: an exact solution for a 3rd-order missile system
Stability tests for one- two- and multidimensional linear systems
Analytic application of Tsypkin's method relay with hysteresis and dead zone
Synthesis of stable and optimal controllers for a 2-shaft gas turbine
Stochastic state-variable model for a paper-machine headbox
Design of an improved gas-turbine controller
Feedback electrostatic wattmeter using a noncontact moving-coil actuator
Photographic investigation of breakdown of composite insulation
Exterior finite elements for 2-dimensional field problems with open boundaries
Monte Carlo field calculations
Electrostatic potential and field in a cylindrical tank containing charged liquid
Simulation of transient and steady-state magnetisation characteristics with hysteresis
Novel method of calculation of eddy-current losses induced by a.c. flowing through conductors

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