Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 124, Issue 11, November 1977

Volume 124, Issue 11

November 1977

Subjective quality of visual telephone pictures impaired by video crosstalk
Gamma-radiation imaging system based on the Compton effect
Calculation of Elmore-defined delay and rise times of RC ladder networks
Software system for studying Omega-phase data and fix accuracy on a small computer
Summery. Variation of E-layer critical frequency with solar activity
Technique for calculating the radiation and scattering characteristics of antennas mounted on a finite ground plane
Novel analytic technique for obtaining the spectrum associated with piecewise-linear frequency modulation
Frequency bandwidth of modified goubau line
Predetermination of current and torque requirements of an induction-motor-driven steel-bar rolling mill
Comparison of alternative formulations of 3-dimensional magnetic-field and eddy-current problems at power frequencies
Machines using rectified oscillatory motion
General formulation for dynamic studies in power systems including static convertors
Form of circle diagram for the linear induction motor
Computer-aided steady-state and transient solutions of field problems in induction devices
Heating in transformer cores due to radial leakage flux. Part 1: Experimental models and test results
Calculation of current distribution and optimum dimensions of foil-wound air-cored reactors
Stability of linear multipass processes
1st-order-type models for multivariable process control
Ferrofluid hydrostatics according to classical and recent theories of the stresses
Analytical method of calculating the electromagnetic field and power losses in ferromagnetic halfspace, taking into account saturation and hysteresis
Electromagnetic induction in magnetic rod moving with high velocity
Numerical methods in conformal transformation

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