Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 124, Issue 10, October 1977

Volume 124, Issue 10

October 1977

Properties of dielectrically loaded antennas
Signal/noise-ratio performance of loaded wire antennas
Hadamard-transformation technique of speech coding: some further results
Public-supply-system distortion and unbalance from single-phase a.c. traction
Effect of airgap-profile variations on the performance of reluctance-augmented shaded-pole motors
Phase-controlled circulating current cycloconvertor-induction-motor drive using rotating intergroup reactor
Generator-maintenance scheduling using simplified frequency-and duration-reliability criteria
Fast changing four quadrant convertor
Transient characteristics of an asynchronous machine current fed from a static convertor
Winding grading of single-phase induction motors
Some interpretations of the self-tuning controller
Representation of magnetic characteristic, including hysteresis, using Preisach's theory
Effect of permittivity matching on the flashover of solid/liquid interfaces
Continuous anode mode for high-speed tungsten/inert-gas arc welding
New algorithm for the optimal stabilisation of linear systems using pole-assignment techniques

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