Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 122, Issue 10, October 1975

Volume 122, Issue 10

October 1975

Identification of loss mechanisms in 3-phase surface-channel charge-coupled devices
Determination of thickness and refractive index of thin transparent multilayer films on silicon from ellipsometric data Computer-program description
Properties of the subsequences of a class of linear product sequences
Study of recursive equalisers for data transmission with a comparison of the performance of six systems
Quantisation in non-recursive equalisers for data transmission
Quantitative comparison of routing systems
Computer-controlled queuing system with switching network and feedback
Current-conveyor realisation of transfer function
Static torque production in saturated doubly-salient machines
Transient performance of eddy-current couplings
Viscously coupled inertial damping of stepping motors
Investigation of the transient behaviour of a current-fed autopiloted asynchronous induction machine
Long-term-creep assessment for overhead-line conductors
Choke–capacitor hybrid as a fluorescent-lamp ballast
Critical evaluation of online identification methods
Mixed method for reduction of multivariable systems with various inputs and outputs
System identification via Walsh functions
Time-of-flight electron-swarm studies of ionisation and attachment in gases
Method of measuring alternating currents without disturbing the conducting circuit
Effect of the Penning gas on the cathode-fall region of glow discharges

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