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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 121, Issue 4, April 1974

Volume 121, Issue 4

April 1974

Application of dispersive networks in data-transmission receivers
Decision-directed delay-lock loop using fast Fourier-transform crosscorrelation
Use of practical circuits switched with alternating polarity
Theory of cylindrical monopole antennas immersed in conducting media
Polynomial approach to study of single-ring circular antenna array
Effect of scattering by rain on radiometer measurements at millimetre wavelengths
Analytical expression for prediction of F0E for solar zenith angles 0–78°
Thyristor chopper control and the introduction of harmonic current into track circuits
Field-theory analysis of saturation harmonics in induction machines
Approximate frequency-response values for transmission-line transient analysis
Laboratory tests of self-cleaning properties of polluted high-voltage insulators
Stability study of controlled rectifiers using a new discrete model
Erratum: Large a.c. motors
Relay control of undamped linear systems using Lyapunov's second method
Analysis of nonlinear time-varying discrete systems by the use of multidimensional Z transforms
Computer-aided design procedure for reduced-order observers

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