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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 121, Issue 12, December 1974

Volume 121, Issue 12

December 1974

Generation-recombination noise of junction-gate field-effect transistors
Design of m.t.i. filters with staggered p.r.f.: a pole-zero approach
Analytic theory of the IMPATT diode and its application to calculations of oscillator locking characteristics
Analysis of skewing in amplitude distributions of filtered m sequences
New families of error-correcting codes generated by modification of other linear binary block codes
Principles of a permanent-magnet axial-field d.c. machine
Sources of harmonic currents in slip-ring induction motors
Determination of synchronous-machine parameters allowing for unequal mutual inductances
Invertor-fed synchronous motors with induced excitation
Simulation of a synchronous generator connected via a delta—star transformer
Dynamic performance of field-regulated synchronous machines
Brushless cascade alternator
Examination of the axial flux in stator cores with particular reference to turbogenerators
Phase-variable primary-system modelling and solution methods in dynamic-response assessments of high-speed protection
Probabilistic analysis of power flows
Distance relay performance as affected by capacitor voltage transformers
Direct digital closed-loop control of h.v. d.c. convertors
Numerical technique for computing surges in multiphase power systems with nonlinear lumped elements
Costs of electricity-supply interruptions to industrial consumers
Digital simulation of distance-relay comparators and their response to primary-system d.c. transients
Analysis of circuits containing components with cores of ferromagnetic material
Variable-characteristic generalised techniques for distance protection: Double-circuit-application studies
Application of fuzzy algorithms for control of simple dynamic plant
Gapped solenoid as a means of producing a highly uniform magnetic field over an extended volume
Model of emitting sites and erosion on nonrefractory arc cathodes with relatively thick oxide films
Time dependence of loss tangent in impregnated polypropylene capacitors
Phonopore and phonoplex F.D.M.telegraph systems used on railways in the late 19th century

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