Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 8, August 1973

Volume 120, Issue 8

August 1973

Signal filtering using hard-limited digital processing. Part 2: Performance with a single target in a coloured-noise background
Investigation of microwave scattering by tall buildings
Characteristics of synchronously switched networks
Transmission strategy and optimal block size in high-speed data communication
Piccolo 32-tone telegraph system in diplomatic communication
Structure for multinode-power-system dynamic-analysis methods
Brushless stator-controlled synchronous-induction machine
Generalised rotating-field theory of wound-rotor induction machines having asymmetry in stator and/or rotor windings
Meteorological conditions associated with the full-span galloping oscillations of overhead transmission lines
Estimation of transient sheath overvoltages in power-cable transmission systems
Energisation of transmission lines from inductive sources. Effects of nonsimultaneous closure also investigated
Variable-characteristic generalised techniques for distance protection. Theory and initial performance studies
Brushless synchronous generator with rotating-thyristor excitation
Representation of magnetisation curves by exponential series
Erratum: Stability of rectifiers with voltage-controlled oscillator firing systems
Study of methods of computing transition matrices
Frequency-domain analysis of laser Doppler signals for estimation of turbulence parameters
Synthesis of certain nonlinear systems for multimodal operation
Amplitude stability and distortion in thermistor-controlled oscillators
Suboptimal and near-optimal control of a load-frequency-control system
Erratum: Time-partition method for dynamic simulation of control systems with transport delays
Sparking potentials of dry air, humid air and water vapour between concentric sphere-hemisphere electrodes
Edge capacitance in the measurement of dielectric properties
Some direct measurements of edge capacitance
Electrical breakdown of nitrous oxide

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