Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 7, July 1973

Volume 120, Issue 7

July 1973

Simple bound to the error probability in coherent multiphase phase-shift-keyed systems with intersymbol interference and gaussian noise
Transient in a single-server queuing system
Application of a ‘Zwischenmedium’ to the radiation from a flanged waveguide
Antennas employing conical dielectric horns. Part 1: Propagation and radiation characteristics of dielectric cones
Antennas employing conical-dielectric horns. Part 2: The Cassegrain antenna
Method for predicting the dynamic response of a variable-reluctance stepping motor
Waves in the periodic overhead-conductor systems of electrified railways
Generalised theory of induction motors with asymmetrical airgaps and primary windings
Submerged gas-circulator motors for advanced gas-cooled reactors
Analogue modelling of thyristors
Digital modelling of a thyristor
Fast digital computation of 3-phase thyristor bridge circuits
Power-system busbar impedance matrix by the method of structural numbers
Suggested definition of reactive power for nonsinusoidal systems
Lur'e-type Lyapunov function for multimachine power systems
Optimum Lyapunov functions and stability regions of multimachine power systems
Optical technique for measurement of current at high voltage
Dyadic approximation method for multivariable control-systems analysis with a nuclear-reactor application
Low-sensitivity design of optimal linear control systems with transportation lag
Describing functions, circle criteria and multiple-loop feedback systems
Influence of radiation on the sparkover of sphere gaps and crossed-cylinder gaps stressed with impulse voltages
Dependence of loss on domain-wall spacing in polycrystalline material

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