Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 6, June 1973

Volume 120, Issue 6

June 1973

Error-correcting capabilities of multilevel block codes: an upper bound
Effects of the distributed nature of base resistance on the manifestation of noise in planar transistors
Active and passive broadbanding of parametric amplifiers
Propagation coefficient of the beverage aerial
Erratum: Errors caused by clutter in amplitude-comparison direction-finding systems
End effects in unlaminated-rotor induction machines
Generalised system model for slipring machines
Rectifier-loaded synchronous generators with damper windings
Stability of rectifiers with voltage-controlled oscillator firing systems
Optimal stochastic scheduling of hydrothermal systems
Some effects of eddy currents in aluminium transformer tanks
Determination of induced currents and voltages in earth wires during faults
Impedance of power circuits with return through a complex structure
Linear helical reluctance stepping motor
A.C.—arc-column and current-zero properties

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