Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 2, February 1973

Volume 120, Issue 2

February 1973

Determination of vocal-tract-area function from transfer impedance
Radiometer measurements of atmospheric attenuation at 19 and 37 GHz along Sun-Earth paths
Transhorizon propagation on v.h.f. and u.h.f. radio links in the United Kingdom
Transmission loss at high frequencies on 3260 km temperate-latitude path
Scattering by perfectly conducting rotational bodies of arbitrary form excited by an obliquely incident plane wave or by a linear antenna
Near-field technique for inferring aperture antenna radiation patterns
Microwave data link for computer communication
Application of time-series algebra to the adaptive equalisation of band-limited waveform-transmission systems
Millimetre-wave generator that uses a spiralling electron beam
Precision hardware circular-arc generation for computer graphic-display systems using line-segment-data
Computer technique for solving 3-dimensional electron-optics and capacitance problems
Feasibility of turbogenerator with superconducting rotor and conventional stator
Open-circuit voltage decay of a turbogenerator
Improvement of turbogenerator transient performance by control means
New temperature test for synchronous machines
Simplified universal-commutator electric motor
Power-factor compensation of thyristor-controlled single-phase load
Improvement of power-system transient stability by phase-shift insertion
Erratum: Safety of household electrical appliances
Transient analysis of underground power-transmission systems. System-model and wave-propagation characteristics
Optical technique for measurement of current at high voltage
Digital simulation for mode identification in thyristor circuits
Degradation mechanisms of mechanical connectors on aluminium conductors
Experimental visual prosthesis
Probability distributions for discrete Fourier spectra
Design of Kalman filters using signal-model output statistics
Computer-aided-design procedure for reduced-order observers. Estimate of entire state vector
Direct method for transfer-matrix inversions

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