Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 12, December 1973

Volume 120, Issue 12

December 1973

Losses in braided coaxial cables in the frequency range 100 kHz–100 MHz
Area coverage in mobile radio by quasisynchronous transmissions using double-sideband diminished-carrier modulation
Topological considerations in the design of optimum teleprocessing tree networks
Analysis of element admittances of a pair of staggered loop antennas
Performance of multiphase coherent phase-shift-keyed systems with intersymbol interference and Gaussian noise
Effect of parameter variations on induction-motor transients
Universal equivalent circuit for steady-state operations of induction motors
Normal force in single-sided linear induction motors
Fully slotless turbogenerators
Force on a moving conductor due to a magnetic pole array
Further studies on wave propagation in overhead lines with earth return: impedance of stratified earth
Rectifier action with constant load voltage: infinite-capacitance condition
Current paths and potential distributions in mechanical connectors and busbar clamps
Digital simulation of the hysteresis motor
Power factor of thyristor-controlled single-phase resistive load
Method for predicting the dynamic response of a variable-reluctance stepping motor
Description of linear multivariable process dynamics using continuous and discrete output equations
Structure of Kron's polyhedron model and the scattering problem
Stability of linear constant multivariable systems
Electric strength of liquid-filled plastics tape insulation
Time-dependent current leading to a spark
Measurements of the current-zero behaviour of constant-pressure axial-flow electric arcs in nitrogen
Calculating the surface fields of conductors in corona
Study of methods of computing transition matrices

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