Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 10, October 1973

Volume 120, Issue 10

October 1973

Optimisation of planar aerial arrays for lowest sidelobe level
Sun as a broadband source for tropospheric attenuation measurements at millimetre wavelengths
Resonance transmission technique for the measurement of high dielectric permittivities
Low-power semiconductor memory cell
Electron-beam distortion in the region of a klystron gap
Attenuation/frequency characteristics of braided coaxial cables at microwave frequencies
New method for frequency stabilisation of transistor multivibrator
Stability of a d.c. transmission link between strong a.c. systems
Design and analysis of close-ratio two-speed shaded-pole induction motors
Performance of a 5 kVA synchronous generator with an optimal excitation regulator
Voltage surges induced on overhead lines by lightning strokes
Spectral estimator for dynamic-test data from turbine-blade vibrations
Digital-computer control of vehicles in an automated transportation system
Trajectory-sensitivity design of load-frequency control systems
Generation of signals with specified statistics
Numerical method for the design of insensitive control systems
Effects of nonlinearities on the measurement of weighting functions by crosscorrelation using pseudorandom signals

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