Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 120, Issue 1, January 1973

Volume 120, Issue 1

January 1973

Inaugural address. Radar engineering: progress and prospect
IEE Electronics Division: Chairman's address. Fifty years of British broadcasting: a survey of the technology
Analysis of antenna structures assembled from arbitrarily located straight wires
Omega v.l.f. wave propagation and the 1922–23 Marconi expedition
Antenna—aperture distributions from holographic type of radiation-pattern measurement
Erratum: Scattering parameters of an arbitrarily shaped aperture in a waveguide
Synthesis procedure for nonlinear networks
Simple design procedure for active lowpass filters using exponential RC lines
IEE Power Division: Chairman's address. Corridors of power
Moisture control of cable environment with particular reference to surface troughs
High-torque low-speed motor using magnetic attraction to produce rotation
A.C. servomotors with concentrated stator windings
Dynamic performance of a rectilinear screw-thread motor
Prediction of performance of induction-motor/synchronous-generator combination
Application of dynamic optimisation to synchronous-generator excitation controllers
New approach to general theory of electrical machines using magnetic equivalent circuits
Lur'e-type Lyapunov function for multimachine power systems
Dynamic braking of the induction motor and the saturistor motor
Suggested definition of reactive power for nonsinusoidal systems
IEE Control & Automation Division: Chairman's address. Control of control
Combined crosscorrelation method for the measurement of 2nd-order Volterra kernels
Multivariable-control-system design concepts in failure analysis of a class of nuclear-reactor spatial-control systems
Describing functions, circle criteria and multiple-loop feedback systems
Time-partition method for dynamic simulation of control systems with transport delays
Relationship between conventional-control-theory figures of merit and quadratic performance index in optimal control theory for a single-input/single-output system
Direct method for transfer-matrix inversions
Describing function for a sector nonlinearity
IEE Science, Education & Management Division: Chairman's address. Management for the benefit of people and enterprise
Erratum: Role of phosphate coating in determining the magnetic properties of Goss-oriented silicon iron

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