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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 119, Issue 2, February 1972

Volume 119, Issue 2

February 1972

Accurate measurement of the electrical length of long coaxial radio-frequency cables
Acoustic-surface-wave amplitude and phase measurements using laser probes
New method of interference rejection in fast analogue-digital convertors
Design of asynchronous multilevel sequential circuits
Second-order-difference integrator. Design base for realising high-resolution digital differential analysers
Distortion effects in a switching-diode modulator with tuned terminations
Power regulation by means of a switched capacitor
Synthesis of a network containing a cascade of commensurate transmission lines and lumped elements
SNAP: symbolic-network-analysis program
Radio-frequency defocusing of electron beams
Optimal scheduling of hydrothermal systems
Results of stability tests on an underexcited 120 MW generator
Development of power supply and supervisory equipment for British Railways 50 Hz a.c. electrification
System design for 50 Hz a.c. electrification
Behaviour of h.v. d.c. links under unbalanced-a.c.-fault conditions
Steady-state stability of parallel h.v. a.c.-d.c. power-transmission systems
Effects of environment on transient thermal performance of underground cables
Erratum: Sensitivity analysis of d.w.r. synchronous generator
Synchronising performance of reluctance motors
Applications of linear induction motors in industry
Magnetic permeance of identical double slotting
Comparison of alternative skew-effect parameters of cage induction motors
Line calculations for major road-lighting schemes
Erratum: Comparison of alternative skew-effect parameters of cage induction motors
Crosscorrelation identification of linear time-varying processes using pseudorando sequences
Computer-program description. Root-locus plotting by digital computer using operational-array technique
Interactive graphics technique for the design of single-input feedback systems
Condition for structural monotonic instability of interacting linear multivariable control systems with integrating controllers
Design of optimal constant-output feedback controllers for asynchronous machine
Near-optimal control of discrete-time nonlinear stochastic systems
Application of 3-port coaxial junction to r.f.-immittance standardisation and measurements
Resistance of large earth-electrode systems
Uniform-field breakdown-voltage measurements in sulphur hexafluoride
Partial-discharge detection between parallel-plate gaps

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