Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 118, Issue 8, August 1971

Volume 118, Issue 8

August 1971

Electronic-exchange design and flexibility of operation
Electronic exchange system. Part 1: Structure
Electronic exchange system. Part 2: Control
Characteristic impedance of TEM lines by variational methods
Effective starting process for Newton-Raphson load flows
Phasor-trajectory representation of near-resonance transients in quasilinear a.c. circuits
Method of digital computation of thyristor switching circuits
Development of overhead equipment for British Railways 50Hz a.c. electrification since 1960
Optimal operation of gas-supply system
Effects of finite length in solid-rotor induction machines
Method of measuring sequence voltages on solidly earthed systems
Zubov's method and transient-stability problems of power systems
Online parameter estimation using matrix pseudoinverse
Phenomenon of isolated jump resonance and its applications

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