Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 118, Issue 5, May 1971

Volume 118, Issue 5

May 1971

Radiation from Alford aerial in a warm plasma
Regional connectivity and circuit enumeration in planar graphs
Detection of failures in combinational digital circuits
Design and optimisation of circuits by computer
MECA: multivalued electronic-circuit analysis
Use and design of 4-wire telephone trunk concentrators
Fringe and permeance factors for segmented-rotor reluctance machines
Clock diagrams and pole-amplitude modulation
Circulating-current loss within Roebel-bar stator windings in hydroelectric alternators
Realisation of convertor control using sample-and-delay method
Overhead-line oscillations and the effect of aerodynamic dampers
Measurement of saturated quadrature-axis reactance of synchronous machines
Near-optimal control of discrete-time nonlinear stochastic systems
Analysis of the effect of humidity on d.c. corona power losses
IEE Western Centre: Chairman's address. Professionalism and engineers
Potential and potential-gradient distributions for standard and practical electrode systems
Departures from Paschen's law for sulphur hexafluoride
Capacitance data for simple geometries

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