Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 118, Issue 2, February 1971

Volume 118, Issue 2

February 1971

Influence of directional fluctuations on the gain of horizontal rhombic aerials for high frequencies
Modes in a conical horn: new approach
Radar antenna with near-field cylindrical obstruction. Computer-program description
Diffraction by a conducting wedge in the near field
Equivalent electrical circuits of interdigital transducers for piezoelectric generation and detection of Rayleigh waves
Discrete-time systems with interwoven transfers
Gate tolerances in sequential circuits
Fan-in restrictions in logic circuits
Pathfinding in communication nets
Speech-volume measurements on telephone circuits
Distortion effects in switching-diode modulators arising from local-oscillator interference
Self-calibrating grid attenuator for use at submillimetre wavelengths
New method of synthetising linear digital filters based on convolution integral
Optimised design of linear-induction-motor accelerators
Stability of reluctance machines
Novel design of self-starting synchronous motor
Return-difference matrix properties for optimal stationary Kalman-Bucy filter
Erratum: Design of optimal systems by a frequency-domain technique
Optimal control of nonlinear stochastic systems
Constriction-resistance concept applied to wear measurement of metal-cutting tools
Pole-shifting techniques for multivariable feedback systems
Electric strength of transformer oil for large electrode areas
IEE Irish Branch: Chairman's address. Our electrical heritage

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