Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 118, Issue 10, October 1971

Volume 118, Issue 10

October 1971

Application of incoherent-scatter data to communication
Use of flayer theory in ionospheric predictions
Theory of cylindrical antennas with arbitrary impedance loading
Analysis of multicomponent wavefields
Factors influencing conversion efficiency in gaseous-plasma harmonic generators working at microwave frequencies
Relative-phase measurement at Q band
V.L.F. propagation parameters derived from observations of sunrise and sunset phenomena
Binary nonconsecutive one code for time-tag data compression
Perception efficiency for radio and television displays
Parametric graphical computer display system using analogue storage
Computer-controlled queuing systems with feedback
Waiting-time distribution in computer-controlled queuing system
Method of using redundancy in very large computer stores
Techniques for the measurement of source and drain series resistance in m.o.s. transistors
Simple estimators for error probability in simulation studies of digital communication systems
Thermal insulation for energy storage
Space harmonics in unified electrical-machine theory
Performance of d.c. linear machines based on an assessment of flux distributions
Design of microalternator for power-system-stability investigations
Comparisons of synchronous-machine models in the study of the transient behaviour of electrical power systems
Synchronous-machine sudden 3-phase short-circuit. Analysis by norton's, constant-flux-linkage and thévenin's theorems
Transient stability of power systems containing both synchronous and induction machines
Design and parameters affecting the surface stress of overhead-power-line conductor systems
Design for a superconducting a.c. power cable
Corrigendum: Influence of conductor designs and operating temperature on the economics of overhead lines
Full-wave rectifier with constant-current load
Design of digital controllers for randomly disturbed systems
Determination of the least order of transfer-function matrices
Nonlinear analysis of a 1st-order thyristor-bridge control system. Use of difference equations and transition mapping
Numerical inversion of the Laplace transform using generalised Laguerre polynomials
Characteristics of impulse breakdown of standard rod gaps under controlled-atmosphere conditions
Prebreakdown phenomena in standard rod gaps subjected to impulse voltages

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