Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 118, Issue 1, January 1971

Volume 118, Issue 1

January 1971

Inaugural address. The impact of advanced technology on the electrical industry
IEE Electronics Division: Chairman's address. Universities and technology
Qualitative analysis of 1st- and 2nd-order nonlinear networks
Review of high-speed addition techniques
Radiation from a spherical antenna covered by a layer of lossy hot plasma. Theory and experiment
Small holes in a waveguide wall
Computer field-matching solution of waveguide transverse discontinuities
Measurements of transmission loss at high frequencies over 960 km temperate-latitude path
New development in lightning-counter design
Propagation in corrugated waveguides
IEE Power Division: Chairman's address. Let there be light
Artificial- and natural-pollution tests on outdoor 400 kV substation insulators
Optimum hydroelectric-power-generation scheduling by analogue computer
Transient-recovery voltage characteristics of a 3-phase power system
Solution of large power-system networks by ordered elimination: a comparison of ordering schemes
Triac phase control with a line-frequency control signal
Effect of load power factor on current-transformer performance
Corrigendum: Starting methods for generator/motor units employed in pumped-storage stations
Transient performance of doubly excited synchronous machine
Effects of subharmonics and winding asymmetry on the performance of slip-ring machines
Digital simulation of a synchronous generator in direct-phase quantities
Line-line short circuit of synchronous machine: illustration of computer-aided machine analysis
Permeance of closed-slot bridges and its effect on induction-motor-current computation
IEE East Anglia Centre: Chairman's address. Thyristors and motor control
Effects of rotor eccentricity on acoustic noise from induction machines
Natural frequencies of stators of small electric machines
Field distribution and performance of copper-filled slotted solid iron rotors
Calculation of system-fault currents due to induction motors
Trends in the design of high-voltage high-rupturing-capacity fuses
Composite instantaneous comparators: basis for design and their transient performance
Overhead-line oscillations and the effect of aerodynamic dampers
IEE Control & Automation Division: Chairman's address. Control's limitations
Boolean-functional representation of a thyristor
IEE Science, Education & Management Division: Chairman's address. Science in heavy electrical engineering
Relationship between permittivity and loss tangent
Conduction in polythene with strong electric fields and the effect of prestressing on the electric strength
Precise measurement of dielectric properties at radio frequencies
Influence of air density on electrical strength of air gaps at 50Hz
Flashover voltage of artificially contaminated surfaces
Universal loss chart for the calculation of eddy-current losses in thick steel plates

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