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Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 117, Issue 11, November 1970

Volume 117, Issue 11

November 1970

Periodic coupling of waveguide modes
Ferrite-core unit as combined memory and line scanner in electronic telephone exchanges
Combined delay- and loss-queuing system
Expansion of public mobile-radiotelephone service in Newfoundland, Canada
Clock synchronisation for mobile radiotelephony
Theoretical methods for computing characteristics of Wullenweber antennas
Radio propagation at 84.125MHz: measurements with mobile receivers and in the presence of aircraft
Crosscoupled transistor mixer
Active RC synthesis of transfer function with adjustable coefficients
Selection of intermodulation-free frequencies for multiple-channel mobile radio systems
Autocorrelation threshold-extension f.m. demodulator
Power-system load scheduling with security constraints using dual linear programming
New possibilities in amplitude- and phase-comparison techniques for distance relays
Eddy-current losses in reactor flux shields
Digital simulation of a fullwave single-phase convertor system
Corrigendum: Self-cascaded machine: a low-speed motor or high-frequency brushless alternator
Simple formulas for voltage-regulator gains for best alternator stability
Calculation of the angular back-swing following a short circuit of a loaded alternator
Transient equivalent circuit of the divided-winding-rotor synchronous machine
Real-time hybrid simulation of an adaptive-control technique
Corrigendum: Theoretical analysis of harmonic instability in a.c.-d.c. converters
Describing-function series: a new means for nonlinear-control-system analysis
Electrostatic field and potential of a supported sphere-plane system inside an earthed chamber
Measurement of the resistance of physically large earth-electrode systems
Magnetic-domain structure and losses in Goss-textured silicon iron
Influence of inclusions on domain-wall motion and power loss in oriented electrical steel
Cauchy boundary problems in electrostatics
Measurement of skin and proximity effects in circular conductors

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