Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 116, Issue 1, January 1969

Volume 116, Issue 1

January 1969

Inaugural address. The vital spark
Development, design and test procedures for random generators using chaincodes
Evaluation of performance of random generators employing chaincodes
Transistor-feedback-amplifier stabilisation using admittance measurements
Analysis of the statistics and threshold of the phase-lock loop
Bandpass LC filters having prescribed amplitude and nearly constant group-delay characteristics
Transformed hypergeometric transmission lines
Driving-point-function synthesis using nonuniform lines
Wedge-diffraction functions and their use in quasioptics
Representation of noise sources in pumped nonlinear systems
Inhomogeneous dielectric filling to simulate curvature in model Earth-ionosphere waveguide
Stability of passive time-variable circuits
Construction of a sensitive microwave noise spectrometer
Single-phase autoreclosure of extra-high-voltage transmission lines. An investigation into the residual fault current and recovery voltage
Calculation of steady-state temperature rise of water-cooled buried cables using a new iterative method
Divided-winding-rotor synchronous generator. A comparison of simulated 30 MW conventional- and divided-winding-rotor turbogenerators
Current distribution in sheet- and foil-wound transformers
North-Western Centre: Chairman's address. Earthing for safety
Eddy-current effects in solid unslotted iron rotors
Static sampling distance relay
Transient response and transient stability of power systems
Absolute stability of a class of nonlinear sampled-data systems
Discrete positive-real functions and their application to system stability
Representation of magnetisation curves over extensive range by rational-fraction approximations
South-East Scotland Sub-Centre: Chairman's address
D.C. corona on smooth conductors in air. Steady-state analysis of the ionisation layer
Mersey and North Wales Centre: Chairman's address. The engineer
Potential functions for a compressible and anisotropic plasma medium
Electromagnetically actuated, fast-closing switch using polythene as the main dielectric

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