Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 113, Issue 11, November 1966

Volume 113, Issue 11

November 1966

Advances in microwave direction finding
Use of Mills cross receiving arrays in radar systems
Instrument for rapid measurement of surface deformations of a 210ft radio telescope
Experimental studies of sea-surface effects on low-angle radars
Propagation of radio waves in a model nonuniform terrestrial waveguide
Design of bidirectional coherent counters
F.E.T. high-frequency analysis
Generation of high-speed waveforms using nonlinear delay lines
Synchronised oscillatory systems with nonuniform gain in the feedback loop
Direct synchronisation of a sinewave oscillator to a pulse
General formula for power spectra of digital f.m. signals
Mode nomenclature for helix waveguide
Comparison of Herbst and Horowitz polynomial decompositions in RC active filter synthesis
Calculation of the magnetic field of rotating machines. Part 5: Field in the end region of turbogenerators and the eddy-current loss in the end plates of stator cores
Effects of asymmetry of induction-machine windings upon the slot leakage reactance
Variable-characteristic d.c. machines
Operational statistics in the management of large distribution systems
New method for the assessment of switching-impulse insulation strength
Tooth-ripple losses in solid poles
Current-compounded self-excitation circuits
Dielectric properties of polythene for submarine telephone cables
Theoretical considerations of magnetostriction in silicon iron
Magnetostriction characteristics of 3.1% grain-oriented silicon-iron transformer steel
Time lags and the breakdown and corona characteristics in sulphur hexafluoride
Circuit analysis of electromagnetic force in terms of effective inductance
Electromagnetic momentum in a material medium
Sphere-hemisphere spark gap
Electrical breakdown of air and SF6 mixtures
Factors affecting the use of simulators for training
Ripple performance and choice of sampling frequency for a direct digital control system
Aspects of subrate digital control systems
Performance criteria for the free and forced motion of discrete control systems
Corporate simulation

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