Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 110, Issue 10, October 1963

Volume 110, Issue 10

October 1963

Cylindrical capacitive obstacles in a waveguide
Phase characteristics of h.f. radio waves received after propagation by the ionosphere
Low-light-level television
Photoconductive probe for measuring electromagnetic fields
Derivation of excitation coefficients for Chebyshev arrays
Microwave bridge reflectometer
Theory of exponentially tapered RC transmission lines for phase-shift oscillators
Laser mixer and I.F. amplifier
Use of matrix theory in the analysis of linear feedback circuits
Stray losses in squirrel-cage induction motors. Validity of the reverse-rotation test method
Application of mode theory to the analysis of machine systems
Nuclear instrumentation. A review of progress
Transducers for positional measuring systems a review of progress
Experimental thermoelectric generator
Unconventional methods of electricity generation
Application of the second method of Lyapunov to the stability of certain position control systems containing a back-e.m.f. non-linearity
Effect of a back-e.m.f. non-linearity on responses of a second-order position control system
Polynomial-root solver and root-locus plotter
Digital transfer voltmeters: principles and error characteristics
Self-generating h.f. carrier feedback anemometer
A compact low-pressure trigatron

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