Proceedings of the IEE - Part C: Monographs

Volume 108, Issue 14, September 1961

Volume 108, Issue 14

September 1961

Interconnected rotor induction motors
Frequency response of feedback relay amplifiers
Sign matrices and realizability of conductance matrices
Travelling-wave analysis of generalized networks
Optimum sampled-data control
The stability of permanent magnets
Topological synthesis of non-reciprocal resistance networks
The impulse response of a number of identical circuits in cascade
Microwave propagation through round waveguide partially filled with ferrite
Microwave Hall effect and the accompanying rotation of the plane of polarization
A method of calculating the transfer functions of ladder networks
The part played by surface waves on the reflection at a ferrite boundary
The surface impedance concept and the structure of radio waves over real earth
The analysis of non-linear resonant circuits
Design of cylindrical surface waveguides with dielectric and magnetic coating
A broad-band waveguide junction containing dielectric
Certain approaches to electromagnetic field problems pertaining to dynamo-electric machines
A note on optimum linear multivariable filters
Factors affecting the behaviour of an electric arc under transient conditions
An experimental proton linear accelerator using a helix structure
Wide-band coupling systems between a waveguide and a transmission line
The conductivity of oxide cathodes. Part 10: Spontaneous generation of negative ions
The conductivity of oxide cathodes. Part 11: Thermal stability of the alkaline-earth oxides
Transitional electrical units
Internal waveform distortion in silicon-iron laminations for magnetization at 50 c/s
The motion of cold-cathode arcs in magnetic fields
Frequency response analysis of displacement governing in synchronous power systems
Analytical determination of the characteristics of enclosed and oil-immersed fuses
The launching of surface waves by an end-fire array of slots
Backward waves in waveguides containing dielectric
The relation between discrete periodic inputs, the transfer function and the transient response of a system
A theoretical and analogue approach to stray eddy-current loss in laminated magnetic cores
A hunting analysis of a permanent-magnet alternator and a synchronous motor

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