Proceedings of the IEE - Part C: Monographs

Volume 108, Issue 13, March 1961

Volume 108, Issue 13

March 1961

An analytical method for predicting the performance of semi-enclosed fuses
Signal flow-graph analysis and feedback theory
The received-amplitude distribution produced by radio sources of random occurrence and phase
A brief review of the theory of paper lapping of a single-core high-voltage cable
A new type of piezo-electric flexural vibrator in the form of balanced cantilevers
Chain codes and their electronic applications
Frequency response analysis of the stabilizing effect of a synchronous machine damper
The magnetic field and centring force of displaced ventilating ducts in machine cores
An analytical review of power-system frequency, time and tie-line control
The magnetic excitation inside a cylindrical thin-film ferromagnet
The conductivity of oxide cathodes. Part 9: Thermo-electric power
Forced oscillation in an oscillator with two degrees of freedom
Matrix analysis of constrained networks
Limitations on realizable response shapes for certain wide-band bandpass amplifier circuits
Application of the theory of orthogonal polynomials in two variables to a multi-gain equivalent linearization problem
Unstable electron flow in a diode
A new approach to Kron's method of analysing large systems
Pole-face losses in alternators. An investigation of eddy-current losses in laminated pole shoes
Audio communication with orthogonal time functions
The physical realization of induction-motor equivalent circuits
Optimum combination of pulse shape and filter to produce a signal peak upon a noise background
The potential distribution and thermionic current between parallel plane emitters
Propagation along unbounded and bounded dielectric rods. Part 1: Propagation along an unbounded dielectric rod
Propagation along unbounded and bounded dielectric rods. Part 2: Propagation along a dielectric rod contained in a circular waveguide
The launching of surface waves by a magnetic line source
The output spectral density of a detector operating on a f.m. c.w. radar signal in the presence of band-limited white noise
Quantitative treatment of three-phase brush-shifting series commutator motor
The algebra and topology of electrical networks
The surge corona discharge
Temperature rises in electrical machines with sustained variations in load and speed
The indeterminacies of measurements using pulses of coherent electromagnetic energy
Numerical evaluation of inductance and a.c. resistance, with particular reference to electrical machines
Frequency spectrum distortion of random signals in non-linear feedback systems
Stability of a feedback system containing a limited-field-of-view error detector
Limitations of distance-type protective equipment when applied to long extremely-high-voltage power lines

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