Proceedings of the IEE - Part C: Monographs

Volume 105, Issue 7, March 1958

Volume 105, Issue 7

March 1958

The concept of heterogeneous surface impedance and its application to cylindrical cavity resonators
The approximate calculation of the electric field between a rod and a concentric ring by means of toroidal functions
A spectrometer method for measuring the electrical constants of lossy materials
The statistical basis of impulse testing
The thermal properties of high-voltage insulants
The calculation of cyclic rating factors and emergency loading for one or more cables laid direct or in ducts
Coefficients for ‘decomposition’ of functions into Laguerre-function series
Transient heating of buried cables
An approximate transient analysis of a second-order position-control system when backlash is present
The measurement of induction-motor stray loss and its effect on performance
Generalized operators for the approximate steady-state analysis of linear and non-linear circuits
A note on the evaluation of the response of a non-linear element to sinusoidal and random signals
The design of automatic-gain-control systems for auto-tracking radar receivers
A contribution to the theory of probes in waveguides
Some tests on a stator-fed polyphase shunt commutator motor
Outline of a theory of non-uniform transmission lines
Thermal noise in multi-section radio links
An improved electromagnetic analogue
The mathematical theory of vibratory angular tachometers
A simplified derivation of the Fourier coefficients for Chebyshev patterns
Variations of characteristic impedance along short coaxial cables
Transformation of the Smith chart through lossless junctions
The conductivity of oxide cathodes. Part 3: Movements of electrolytic oxygen in a conventional diode system
The conductivity of oxide cathodes. Part 4: Electron transfer mechanisms
On the amplification factor of a triode valve. Part 2
The sliding contact of graphite and copper
The variation with current and inductance of metal transfer between contacts of palladium and silver
Electromagnetic fields in a ferromagnetic medium, with particular reference to harmonic distortion due to hysteresis
A theoretical investigation of the form assumed by a submarine cable during laying or recovery
Two theorems concerning group delay with practical application to delay correction
Conditions for the impedance and admittance matrices of n-ports without ideal transformers
Excitation of surface waves
The network synthesis on the insertion-loss basis
The effect of the ground constants, and of an earth system, on the performance of a vertical medium-wave aerial
A rapid method of analysing the m.m.f. wave of a single or polyphase winding
Diffraction by cylindrical reflectors
The inherent instability of induction motors under conditions of double supply

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