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Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering

image of Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering
Online ISSN 2054-040X
Print ISSN 0369-8882

Published from 1955-1962, the Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering included all specialized papers on power engineering that were presented to the Institution. It was aimed at those members who were particularly interested in electrical measurements in their professional capacities as instrument specialists or who desired to obtain guidance in electrical measurements that were required for other purposes. Also included were the formal proceedings of the Measurements, Supply and Utilization Sections of the Institution and the papers which were read before those Sections, together with discussions on them.

This journal was previously known as Proceedings of the IEE - Part II: Power Engineering 1949-1954. ISSN 0369-8939. more..

This publication is continued by Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers 1963-1979. ISSN 0020-3270. more..


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